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Welcome to Duskguard!

The dead walk.  Nations lie in ruin.  Dark terrors emerge from the Twisting Nether, and the Old Gods stir in their ancient prisons.  The sun is setting on the mortal races, and our world balances on the edge of Chaos.  The mission of the Duskguard is to fight on in the face of destruction and show courage even when all hope is lost.  When the last sun sets and ushers in the final Night, the Duskguard will face it with blades bared.
Other Guild News

Kargath Bladefist Is Slain

Aureolin, Dec 11, 14 12:31 AM.

"The most hate-filled orc to ever attach a scythe to the stump of his severed wrist" lies defeated in the arena by the heroes of Duskguard.

The Heroes of Duskguard in Draenor

Aureolin, Dec 4, 14 3:07 PM.

The heroes of Duskguard begin raiding in Draenor, follow the trail of corpses of our vanquished foes!

Garrosh Defeated

Aureolin, Oct 27, 14 6:27 PM.

At long last, the heroes of Duskguard have brought Garrosh's brutal reign to an end.

Storming Orgrimmar

Aureolin, Oct 13, 14 3:20 PM.

We have not been documenting our kills as diligently as we once did, but hope to remedy that. Here are trophy images of the team, victorious over General Nazgrim and Malkorok, respectively. 

Happy New Year, Duskguard!

Aureolin, Dec 31, 13 2:55 PM.
Warm wishes to all of Duskguard at the start of a new year and cheers for the many adventures ahead!

New Look!

Aureolin, Sep 24, 13 1:40 PM.
Our guild site has a fresh new look. I hope you enjoy it!

Cataclysmic Legends of Duskguard

Arakal, May 15, 12 10:03 AM.

The Cataclysm on Azeroth has produced many heroes, but few legends. Two such legends were born this week in Duskguard, when two legendary weapons were completed in a single day. Amejin, the suave and cunning rogue who is as quick with a smile as with a knife, now wields the legendary Fangs of the Father, Golad and Tiriosh. Azallan, the clever goblin whose endless quest for knowledge led him to master the dark arts of Shadow and Flame, now wields the power of the Blue Dragonflight in the form of the legendary staff Dragonwrath. Congratulations to these heroes for their incredible and well deserved accomplishments, and to all of Duskguard for the months of effort and dedication that helped us achieve this important milestone for the guild.

Duskguard Transfers to Wyrmrest Accord

Asallan, Mar 27, 12 1:34 PM.

Heeding the call of challenge and adventure, Duskguard has set forth on a journey toward lands unknown. Though Sentinels has been our home for nearly five years and many of us will remember it fondly, new battles and mysteries beckon us onwards. Over the course of the next week, Duskguard's raid team will transfer to the Wyrmrest Accord realm, where we will continue to battle for truth, justice, and the Azerothian way.

An End to All Things

Arakal, Mar 6, 12 9:05 AM.

The Black Dragon once known as Neltharion the Earth Warden, driven by madness and corruption to become Deathwing the Destroyer, has at last been defeated after a titanic struggle with the heroes of Duskguard. The confrontation began in the skies as the Duskguard heroically led an arial assault on Deathwing staged from the airship Skybreaker, and ended in the twisting currents of the Maelstrom itself. Deathwing's power had been magnified immensely by the corrupt powers of the Old Gods, and even as the battle raged, he harnessed unspeakable energy to unleash another Cataclysm on the lands of Azeroth. With the help of the other Dragon Aspects, Duskguard was able to interrupt Deathwing's terrible power, and ultimately defeat him. Three cheers for the heroes of Duskguard, who have saved Azeroth once more!

The Hour of Twilight

Arakal, Jan 31, 12 9:12 AM.
Sensing the threat posed by the Dragon Soul, Deathwing sent his most powerful creation to disrupt the ritual being performed by the Dragon Aspects to harness its power. Ultraxion, the massive twilight dragon, brimmed with a chaotic dark energies that threatened to tear him apart from within, even as he unleashed his incredible power against his foes. But as Nozdormu predicted, the cycle of time brings an end to all things. Duskguard faced the massive wyrm Ultraxion at the edge of Wyrmrest Temple, evading the uncontrolled eruptions of twilight energy long enough to send Ultraxion plummeting to the ground below, defeated and broken.  With no moment to rest, the heroes of Duskguard quickly boarded the one remaining Alliance gunship and set off in Pursuit of Deathwing, turning back a final assault by the Twilight's Hammer, and a boarding attempt by the powerful drake-rider Warmaster Blackhorn.
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