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Welcome to Duskguard!

The dead walk.  Nations lie in ruin.  Dark terrors emerge from the Twisting Nether, and the Old Gods stir in their ancient prisons.  The sun is setting on the mortal races, and our world balances on the edge of Chaos.  The mission of the Duskguard is to fight on in the face of destruction and show courage even when all hope is lost.  When the last sun sets and ushers in the final Night, the Duskguard will face it with blades bared.
Other Guild News

Oregorger, the Devourer, Bit off More than He Could Chew

Aureolin, Apr 14, 15 7:27 PM.

Kromog, Legend of the Mountain, Crumbles to Dust

Aureolin, Apr 14, 15 7:21 PM.

Happy Noble Garden, Duskguard!

Aureolin, Apr 13, 15 1:23 AM.

Mage Lord Gogg'nathog Slain

Aureolin, Apr 10, 15 1:38 AM.

The Imperator Is Dead!

Aureolin, Apr 1, 15 11:40 PM.

Operator Thogar Derailed

Aureolin, Mar 30, 15 11:53 PM.

The Flamebender Is Extinguished

Aureolin, Mar 30, 15 11:48 PM.

Heroic Brackenspore Defeated

Aureolin, Mar 18, 15 11:57 PM.

Beastlord Darmac -- The Iron Claw Has Been Clipped

Aureolin, Mar 18, 15 11:56 PM.

Heroic Twin Ogron Defeated

Aureolin, Mar 16, 15 11:37 PM.
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