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Welcome to Duskguard!

The dead walk.  Nations lie in ruin.  Dark terrors emerge from the Twisting Nether, and the Old Gods stir in their ancient prisons.  The sun is setting on the mortal races, and our world balances on the edge of Chaos.  The mission of the Duskguard is to fight on in the face of destruction and show courage even when all hope is lost.  When the last sun sets and ushers in the final Night, the Duskguard will face it with blades bared.
Other Guild News

Heroic Kargath Bladefist Defeated

Aureolin, Jan 19, 15 11:14 PM.

Brackenspore Walks No More

Aureolin, Jan 18, 15 11:25 PM.

To Dust You Return, Tectus

Aureolin, Jan 14, 15 11:48 PM.

The heroes of Duskguard have conquered the mountain, Tectus. Onward!

Tectus, Death Comes for You

Aureolin, Jan 11, 15 11:15 PM.

The Twin Ogron Have Met Their Match

Aureolin, Jan 5, 15 11:22 PM.

Happy New Year, Duskguard!

Aureolin, Dec 31, 14 6:19 PM.

The Butcher Has Been Chopped

Aureolin, Dec 23, 14 12:03 AM.

Happy Winter Veil, for the Horde!

Aureolin, Dec 22, 14 8:58 PM.

Kargath Bladefist Is Slain

Aureolin, Dec 11, 14 12:31 AM.

"The most hate-filled orc to ever attach a scythe to the stump of his severed wrist" lies defeated in the arena by the heroes of Duskguard.

The Heroes of Duskguard in Draenor

Aureolin, Dec 4, 14 3:07 PM.

The heroes of Duskguard begin raiding in Draenor, follow the trail of corpses of our vanquished foes!
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